Zurich Brand Refresh

Sometimes you only get a month to touch a project. But with 72andSunny Amsterdam and Zurich Insurance, this was lucky to fall during a time where we had the opportunity to establish all the important new rules and behaviours for the brand. This included updates to their logo and sub-brand hierachies, the craft of a bespoke sans-serif typeface called ‘Zurich-Sans’, a refresh to their colour palette and extended use of colour, the introduction of the safe-space logo and shape language, as well as animation behaviours.

Over the course of this period we consolidated our theory and laid the foundations that created this set of brand guidelines. Collaboration was integral to the process and included a series of design-clinics with the in-house team on the Zurich side as well. 
Collaboration with
Jordan Shevell, Giuliano Garonzi, Alejandra Arbiol, Gregg Clampffer, Anders Stake, Amelia Van Veenendaal, Valentina Mandozzi, Rey Andrade, Mike Farrell, Family Type (Zurich Sans) and the kind team at Zurich Insurance.