2002 really was a great year for Paula Radcliffe. These two single pages never appeared together in running publications. But by sharing them like this, it does help to contextualise two exceptional achievements from a unique athlete, all in the space of less than a year.
Pacemakers Required
La Salle Bank, Chicago - February

In the lead-up to Paula's world record breaking run at the La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon we ran an execution celebrating her startling form and the unique problems that this represented at the time.

Role: Writing & Design
Collaboration with: Nick Darken & Simon McTaggart
What Wall?
Flora, London - April

The simplest way to talk about her next win as a debutant in London appeared to be to show the splits of her European record breaking time themselves... as a running blog at the time reinforced in their own analysis: 'Check out those splits… it never ceases to amaze me that some of her fastest times were at miles 22, 24 and 25. Imagine running 5.06 in the 25th mile of a marathon, and what that must feel like… For me, running any mile, anytime, at that pace would feel like flying, for sure!'

Role: Design & Typography
Collaboration with: John Cherry & Tom Chancellor