Mixlr - A Visual Guide

A brand and developer's guide that we created to help anyone working with the Mixlr identity, so that they could get to solutions more quickly and consistently.

The guide covered everything from working with the Mixlr logo, colour palettes & typeface hierachies, through to using icons, images, creating buttons, alerts & errors, forms & tables, or displaying and visualising data. The document was a nice round-up of 4 years working and learning together, and serves as a useful template for any team looking to build a web based service or product completely from scratch. For it’s time, the guide also provided an effective overview of all the most basic features which come 'by default' with any service which has registered users or 'subscribers'. 
Creative & Design Direction,
Iconography, Writing & Design

Collaboration with
Rob Watson, Greg Lloyd, and all the developers at Mixlr