Ahead of Glasgow’s COP26, I was commissioned to create the visual language for an awareness campaign by one of the UK’s leading energy companies. Sadly the client pivoted late in the process, and the work was considered too brave or experimental for what is in essence, still an incredibly brave and largely unknown transition.

The wholehearted embrace of renewables, clean energy sources and methods of distribution, remains critical to our ongoing climate security. Placing the emphasis on the potential for new jobs, the growth of new skills, and a hands on approach where we can do anything - if we do it together, all felt right for a global summit like COP. Embracing these sentiments and putting them right at the heart of the communication felt pertinent, and an idea that we could all embrace more moving forwards.

So here’s some samples repurposed solely for the summit itself, that utilise two experimental type systems, U-Span and U-Pipe by MuirMcneil. It was a thoroughly enjoyable project, and the subject matter remains incredibly important, so hopefully its ok to share.
Design, Art Direction & Typography